What to do if your Mind goes Adrift (& you’re a Writer)?


I climb out of my bed into the heat of the morning, trying to catch all the little creative thoughts flying around like fireflies.

I fumble with my eyes half-closed into the kitchen.

My bare toes love the coolness of the wood floor while I make lunches for my two boys.

I blast the fan in the window, letting the fresh air soothe me.

I think about a story idea that fell into my mind as I fell into my bed late last night. I see the words. I see the images. I see the “arc” of the characters.

I see “how” the sentences may easily flow through my hands and onto the page, but they don’t. Not yet. Sure, I can make the time to physically pause, and write down the sentences. I even put down my cup of tea, but…I cannot get ink to flow through the pen.

There are too many things swirling around in my mind, and so I’ll be the first to admit: it’s gone adrift.

So I ask myself: What is a writer to do when your mind goes astray?

How do you bring the words back to shore?

There’s really only one way:

Let your mind go.

Be one with the drift.

Float with the ideas.

More than likely your writing piece is still in the creative formative stages, and does not want to be penned down.

The words want to be played with in your mind. They want to stay wild.

Yes, I get that, you say, but…I need to write. I promised myself to write at least 1,000 words today. I’ve got to cage those thoughts behind the screen, onto the page.

Sure, but what if you do not force the words today?

What if your productivity actually increases by letting go, and being in the moment with whatever thoughts arise?

Be adrift.

I did, and here I am: playing on the shoreline of a new blog.

Give it a whirl!

Go play with those fireflies of creative ideas!

Copyright 2017 Jessie Zanita

Photo Credit: Issara Willenskomer/Unsplash


The Commute. {Poetry}


Smudged ink

as wisdom curves into words

as sounds of a violin
play through the radio waves

with the drizzling drops of rain
on the roof,

you glance through the fine layers of glass
to see a thousand black dots flying eastward,

crows moving like the commuters
on the Interstate —
all as one, but each
as one

a microcosm of silence

as each flap of a wing,
every rotation of a tire,
every quick thought that rolls through your mind
like lightning — a streak of genius — sudden,

and then gone,

as darkness
settles once more
over the wet farmlands
and the deep taproots of oak seedlings
are finally soaked
with rain,

much like my fingers stained
by this smudge

black ink.

Copyright 2017  ©   Jessie Zanita Wright

Photo Credit: Comfreak/Pixabay

The Absolutely Essential Gift to Share this Year.


You thought that I’d say: your glittering presence is the only gift necessary.

Okay, yes, that is a sweet one, and yet there’s one more absolutely essential gift to share this year.

Your friends will discover a sense of wonder when they unwrap this absolutely essential gift.

In fact, this little package may propel others to a whole new Universe.

And—that gift is Art Supplies.

What? You say, arching an eyebrow.

What if? I reply with a twinkle in my green eyes.

What if we shared the tools of creation instead of some cheap gag gift or obnoxious peach candle?

What if by giving a notebook of watercolor paper, some brushes, and watercolor paints then you spark a creative fuel in your friend’s soul?

But where do I start? You mumble.

Well, you can collect some dried birch bark and old wood-stove charcoal—just kidding, I’d stop by one of the local art stores near you.

Wander around the art shop, and think of your friend’s soul energy.

Are they the type who chills out with meditation music (oil paints — it’s a slow process) or are they always in motion (acrylic paints — they dry quickly)?

Do they love getting messy? Clay. Do they enjoy writing? Calligraphy pens.


Get out your shopping list, and add this absolutely essential gift to the top of it because your friends will love you for bringing a little more creativity into their lives!

Bring the glitter, and your glittering presence this year!

Copyright 2016 Jessie Zanita Wright
Photo Credit:  Ventus17/Pixabay

Sugary Sweet Resistance. {Poetry}


A little sprinkle of cinnamon,

not sugar

at the edges
of the laminate countertop
forms a dusty barrier
to thwart
the ants
who march
into my glass bowl of sugary sweet
oranges fresh from the trees.

A little sprinkle of cinnamon

and sugar

is my flavor
to the coffee
that keeps
my eyes wide open
I write
long syllables
why I want
to hide
from the chaos
of today’s headlines
that’ll probably
read like
a plot twist
on steroids
in a thriller novel,

so the new “not” normal

the ants who march
toward my sugary sweet
oranges fresh from the trees,

& I shall
guide the ants

to another source
of pleasure,
of sustenance,
by sprinkling that fine line
of cinnamon
around the edges
of my laminate countertop,
a relic of the 1960s,
a reminder that to


in peace
for our world,
for our homes
doesn’t have to be cruel,

we just will not
let the ants,
and their king,

steal away our


Copyright 2016 © Jessie Zanita Wright


Writing prompts tend to arrive in the unexpected ways, and inspire you to create a snapshot.

This prompt came as a link to a poetry page called poems of Resistance. The idea wandered around in my head for a bit until this poem emerged.

Sugary resistance.

It’s so easy to be angry right now, and it shouldn’t be downplayed, but at the same time, we need to speak up. Not sit back and watch our democracy dissolve. We are the people. The personal is political.

So here’s my poem about being sugary sweet in our day-to-day actions while this major plot twist of American history has happened.

Democracy is sugar sweet resistance.

Be inspired, and don’t ever feel that you need to be silent.


I woke up feeling free yesterday.

I woke up feeling free yesterday. 🌀

As if all the shadows of objectifying women had finally been brought to light.

Suddenly, I didn’t have that subconscious sensation at the back of my mind about my body being sized up for someone else’s lewd thoughts. Sensations that I’ve brushed away my whole life.

I was tied by an unspoken social constraint that often made me feel more comfortable wearing something less flattering, more practical.

Hide my pretty. Hide my curves, my long legs, my sensuality.

But that’s over because, yesterday, I finally woke up free.

In my soul, I suddenly felt that we women can put on a playful short dresses, & know that it’s about our enjoyment, not theirs.

We can dress sensually stylish without having certain eyes/minds believing that they hold the upper hand in seeing us as an object, and all of this happened because the grossest orange-haired guy’s lewd words finally sparked the most liberating feeling ever:

We, as a people, will not stand for that kind of behavior any longer.

We no longer have to hide our pretty.

We can be grown women who still hold onto the power of being a strong-willed, bright-eyed, intelligent, unicorn-loving, magic-believing beautiful girl who loves wearing whimsical dresses. (The grrrl power movement has won!)

We don’t have to hide our beautiful selves in the shadows to avoid that kind of objectifying.

Here’s the crazy thing: I didn’t know that feeling of freedom existed until yesterday.

🌀 Yes, world, we women are living, breathing, gorgeous people who will dress up pretty without ever being an object of sexual expectations ever again because those type of stories are done.


A version of this essay has been published on The Urban Howl. Check it out!


Copyright 2016 © Jessie Zanita Wright

Letting go of Perfection-I-sm

🐚 Art reminds us that it’s not all about perfectionism; it’s about the practice of being in the moment. 🐚



This wise old Pelican took a week to paint (due to minor interruptions like a nasty stomach bug & other trivial things), but I kept her on my painting desk as a reminder to myself:  just sit my arse down & pick up the paintbrush!

Everyday, I added a little bit to the pic  (except in that 24 hours of being sick), and yet I had to let go of the painting today.

Say that it’s okay to be done with the feathers, & let the pelican fly.

Let go of that ol’ learned behavior of perfection-I-sm where we all get so rooted in trying so hard that the fun sizzles out of the whole experience.

By being in the moment, art comes alive while all that tension floats away.

Tonight, in between all those things that you *have* to do, slow down, & play with paint to release your inner perfection-I-sm!

Your soul energy will thank you in the morning!


Copyright 2016 © Jessie Zanita Wright

Art by JZW

How to love a Nature Girl.

Once upon a time, I poured my words onto the digital page, and here’s a playful one that I loved writing:


7 Ways to Love a Nature Girl.



Copyright 2016 © Jessie Zanita Wright

photo credit: pixabay