Sugary Sweet Resistance. {Poetry}


A little sprinkle of cinnamon,

not sugar

at the edges
of the laminate countertop
forms a dusty barrier
to thwart
the ants
who march
into my glass bowl of sugary sweet
oranges fresh from the trees.

A little sprinkle of cinnamon

and sugar

is my flavor
to the coffee
that keeps
my eyes wide open
I write
long syllables
why I want
to hide
from the chaos
of today’s headlines
that’ll probably
read like
a plot twist
on steroids
in a thriller novel,

so the new “not” normal

the ants who march
toward my sugary sweet
oranges fresh from the trees,

& I shall
guide the ants

to another source
of pleasure,
of sustenance,
by sprinkling that fine line
of cinnamon
around the edges
of my laminate countertop,
a relic of the 1960s,
a reminder that to


in peace
for our world,
for our homes
doesn’t have to be cruel,

we just will not
let the ants,
and their king,

steal away our


Copyright 2016 © Jessie Zanita Wright


Writing prompts tend to arrive in the unexpected ways, and inspire you to create a snapshot.

This prompt came as a link to a poetry page called poems of Resistance. The idea wandered around in my head for a bit until this poem emerged.

Sugary resistance.

It’s so easy to be angry right now, and it shouldn’t be downplayed, but at the same time, we need to speak up. Not sit back and watch our democracy dissolve. We are the people. The personal is political.

So here’s my poem about being sugary sweet in our day-to-day actions while this major plot twist of American history has happened.

Democracy is sugar sweet resistance.

Be inspired, and don’t ever feel that you need to be silent.



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