Letting go of Perfection-I-sm

🐚 Art reminds us that it’s not all about perfectionism; it’s about the practice of being in the moment. 🐚



This wise old Pelican took a week to paint (due to minor interruptions like a nasty stomach bug & other trivial things), but I kept her on my painting desk as a reminder to myself:  just sit my arse down & pick up the paintbrush!

Everyday, I added a little bit to the pic  (except in that 24 hours of being sick), and yet I had to let go of the painting today.

Say that it’s okay to be done with the feathers, & let the pelican fly.

Let go of that ol’ learned behavior of perfection-I-sm where we all get so rooted in trying so hard that the fun sizzles out of the whole experience.

By being in the moment, art comes alive while all that tension floats away.

Tonight, in between all those things that you *have* to do, slow down, & play with paint to release your inner perfection-I-sm!

Your soul energy will thank you in the morning!


Copyright 2016 © Jessie Zanita Wright

Art by JZW

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