To be a writer…

To be a writer…

Means feeling inspired by rambling thoughts as you awake in the cold morning air, but still you get up, and pull pen across the blank pages, as the steam from the coffee warms your lips, so you mumble an occasional word out loud before it hits the page.

To be a writer requires a single ounce of courage that rises up from the smallest and darkest corners of your body, and floods through your whole soul by the time you’ve finished putting on your makeup.

To be a writer embraces the absolutely crazy because you share your most private thoughts with complete strangers in an attempt to lighten or brighten their world, too.

To be a writer involves loving in the most wildest ways as there’s no other greater task than sharing beauty in this world so filled with pain and hatred.

To be a writer is seeing the teeny tiny things that others forget to look for in the busyness of living, as they’re too caught up in their phones.

To be a writer is feeling too much and too little in all the right and wrong moments of the day until you finally had enough, & write it all out into the world like a feather in the breeze.

To be a writer is the ultimate task of being, as there is no other way to be once you become a writer.

{And, yes, that is my last name…for real!}

Copyright 2016 © Jes Wright


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