Share the Love at Equinox.

As the equal rays of sunlight return to our cold faces, these spring days become the perfect opportunity to start sharing seeds of love, or better yet, for starting our gardens.

I’ve come up with a playful way to share the seeds that I’ve saved from last year’s garden.

For me, the act of saving seeds is one of the most radical things that any of us can do for the health of our society and our planet, especially as seed companies continue to create GMO seeds.

Sure, it’s a bit messy, as you pull the seeds away from the slimy pulp of a cantaloupe or pumpkin.

And, yes, the seeds could get moldy if we don’t dry them right, but then there’s the undeniable beauty of taking a seed from last year’s pumpkin, watching the seed sprout, and the vine stretch across the garden on its path to creating a whole new pumpkin.

So why is saving seeds such a radical act?

Radical means going to our “roots” in that we see the source of food is rooted in our own hands. We take responsibility for being a part of the food cycle. We slow down our consumption of pre-packaged food; and instead, we participate in the creation of our own lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, kale, sunflower seeds, and more.

Sure, it’s easy to pick-up a packet of seeds at the local Natural Foods Co-op, and more than likely the seeds come from awesome people who are making a difference, but why not share seeds for free?

I thought about this idea of sharing seeds the other day while buying my son’s gum at the local co-op.

My younger son loves gum. Yes, I know, that’s so pre-packaged, and so I sound contradictory about seed saving and all, but humor me.

As a mother, I am constantly trying to blend the consumer world with the ethics of environmental awareness, and so it’s tricky path because there are pre-packaged things—like chewing gum—which help my son to center while in busy places as he has ADHD.

Sure, I tried the chewing on celery idea, but that advice got a bit bland after a while (just kidding).

For the sake of my son, I ended up buying this naturally sugar-free gum in small packages, which seemed like such a waste of wrapping until an idea for Upcycling popped into my mind.

Why not use the little packages for the seeds?

So I’ve created a simple way to share seeds through Upcycled chewing gum packages. Like I said, it’s the most radical act, and maybe one of the easiest things to do in order to keep the purity of seeds alive.

Here’s how to share the seeds:

1. Buy the gum in the (pop-out) packages like the one in the above photo.

2. Chew the gum. Blow bubbles. Crack jokes with your friends while digging in the garden.

3. Take the pumpkin or squash seeds that you’ve saved, and insert the dried seeds into the empty slots. I used a mixture of seeds, including pumpkin, squash, and green beans for my package.

4. Cover with a piece of 1″ wide tape.

5. Decorate the outside in whatever wild way you’d like.

6. Give them away!

7. Use this idea for a fundraiser to raise money for your community garden!



Copyright 2016 © Jessie Wright

Photos by me.


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