Word Snapshots {01/365}


Images seem to be the new language.

So why do we even need words any longer?

Because we do.

There’s something more centering to read a physically real book by dim light before bed then blinding our eyes with the screens.

Reading a real book is an opportunity to be fully in the moment, absorbing the words, instead of being on a tablet, pausing to check the email that beeped its arrival in our inbox, and losing our space in the flow of an author’s story.

Reading books—the tangible touch of thoughts woven onto the page—is good for our souls.

To read a book means a writer had to work at creating it: collecting an idea, and then building on it, editing it and editing some more.

As a writer, I’ve recently found myself relying less on descriptive words, and more on images, but I need words to transfer my creative ideas into a living work of art.

A few mornings ago, I had been out walking, and noticed the way a wild grape vine was budding open like drops of neon-green rain.

I thought about capturing the moment with my phone’s camera, but I didn’t.

I held the image in my mind, and wrote it out later.

I realized that this is a fantastic practice for improving my descriptive writing, especially as I edit one of my novels.

So here—today—starts my first Word Snapshot blog.


Copyright 2016 © Jessie Wright



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