She Wanted Less.



wanted less
holding back in the spaces between their lips,
as if their breath could be the only language in the world.

She wanted less
time lost in the rivers of the mind,
as if rapids were always more exciting than still waters.

She wanted less
living in doubt,
as if confusion should be like a rainbow of colors,
& taste like the first strawberry of spring.

She wanted less
political rhetoric about the size of penises
when it’s the width of the heart that counts.

She wanted less
smog covering the blue skies,
as if there wasn’t another way to live
in balance with our planet.

She wanted less
letting go,
as holding on is sometimes worth the ride.

She wanted less
layers of clothing,
as in peeling off the winter jackets and boots exposes us
to more warmth in the soft touch of skin-to-skin contact.

She wanted less
explaining of syllables,
as they only hold a handful of what we carry in our hearts.

She wanted less
as being in the act of loving is the dream.

Copyright 2016 © Jessie Wright


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