How to Put on the Writer’s Skin.

You’ll piss someone off, inevitably.

They’ll paint you into a corner, saying your words suck or that you don’t get it.

It’s then that the feeling in your soul will be like walking across a bed of coals, or simply put, a thousand needles inflicted across your body.

It’ll make you want to crawl into a fetal position, and do nothing. Give up the pen. Throw the typewriter out the window.

And yet you are a writer. Words comfort you, and the simple act of writing calms your soul as well as awakens your fires.

Yes, you tell yourself: “I am not a piece of stone carved into a sculpture—stuck in one position. I am fluid. Everchanging.”

You stare at your reflection in the mirror, thinking about how each new word builds upon another word that brings the world alive, so you smile. You’ve learned to see that you are always in motion with writing. It’s not static. It’s alive, and so are you.

You don’t have to buy into the critique of someone’s contempt. Sure, you can take an awareness from their opinions because, maybe, there is one thing to learn in their discerning WORDs that they yell across the page, telling you that you suck.

That one thing is that you have a writer’s skin.

Smooth and gorgeous. True, it occasionally gets scaly when you’re being too busy to slather lavender coconut lotion across your skin, but it’s your skin.

A writer’s skin that glows, and shows your strength in the scars, tattoos, and the words etched across them.

It’s not easy to wear your skin when other’s want to rip it off, but you must remember that you deserve to feel the things that you feel. That you must write what is true for you. That sometimes the words will morph into new words that’ll carry you to other places in the world, and their intention may be misconstrued or they may inspire kindred spirit.

But, most importantly, that gorgeous skin belongs to you, and don’t ever let another try to imprint their scars upon your flesh. Wear your skin with your words, proudly.

Copyright 2016 © Jessie Wright


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