On Letting Go.

You strive, and strive to make something of yourself.

You try to go above whatever limitations are set in front of you, and then you experience a little reward from time-to-time.

But then, one day, you awake & realize that it’s all bullshit.

These goals, expectations, and that giant carrot that you can be an artist/writer AND earn a true livelihood will never be attainable in this lifetime. That wasn’t the story that you were destined to live. You get it, and it’s not humbling. It’s just the sad truth, so you get up.

Put away the projects, and move onto the next chapter of your life—still breathing art through your fingertips, but as an act of ordinary self-preservation, not for sale or for “free” as you try to build up a platform.

There are too many people willing to do things for free, and you will no longer be that person. The striving to be is done. Over.

You finally wake up, feeling a little more free.

You let go.

You are no longer bound to a self-prescribed expectation of earning a livelihood as an artist/writer.

Today you awake to realize that living in the ordinary is your story.

And that’s the most beautiful one to write.

Copyright © Jessie Wright


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