What if? {Poetry}

In the cool stillness

of breathing in &
breathing out,

I sit in the dark,
tilting my head
to look
at the stars,
seeing their light
seems to be in
my now,
but it’s an old sparkle,
a story of light that has since
through the coolness
of tonight’s sky
into my eyes,
and my mind’s eye remembers learning how
the creation of a galaxy is fueled
by gas clouds collapsing
under their own weight,
and what if
relationships began in this way,
but they don’t;
instead, we tend
to end,
exploding from the weight of each other’s
light that cools to memories
like stars
in the night’s sky
of stillness
in my now

that’s no longer wanting

what if’s.

Copyright 2016 © Jessie Wright


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