The 3 Day Rule & Writing Blogs.

Bam. Da. Bam, bam. Bammmmm. BAM.

Inspiration slams into our soul, so words pour out of our hands onto the page like hot maple syrup: sticky and sweet.

We’re pulled into the raging current of creative ideas that were just a collection of images in our mind, but now those blasts of colors  and memories of smells become tangible, something to hold in our hands.

That feeling of being empowered through our words—of daring to speak from our hearts—is like drinking a double espresso, and we’re ready to share it with the world, but…

What if we didn’t?

What if we had a 3 day rule about writing?

We’d slip the pages of writing into an envelope, and with a black sharpie scribble the date before walking away. Go out into the world. Let the words simmer in the edges of our minds while we live our days.

Detach from the writing, and let it live as something separate from ourselves.

We wouldn’t allow the impulsiveness activated in the acts of creativity to blind us from the intention of our words.

In this culture of Insta-blogging, we can find wisdom within ourselves and our creative product by taking a “pause” before we hit the publish button. We can make sure that what we wrote comes from a place of awareness, not just a knee-jerk reaction.

By practicing the three day rule of writing, we can answer Thich Nhat Hanh’s question:

“Are you sure of your perception?”

On the morning of that third day, we’ll pour a cup of coffee, sit at our writing desk where we’ll open the envelope, and re-read our passionate words with the above question in our mind’s eye.

We’ll pick up our pen, cross out a word here, rearrange a sentence there, and fine-tune our desires that surfaced during our buzz of writing.

Has our writing capture what we had meant to say? Are we being truthful with our own hearts and minds? Did we enjoy the experience of writing? Have we expanded our perceptions of the world through our words?

Hopefully, we’ll discover that our words—which flowed like hot maple syrup—cooled into maple candy that tastes just as sweet as when they were hot before they formed into a beautiful treat to share with the world.

Try this writing practice, and share your thoughts in the comments…


Copyright 2016 © Jessie Wright




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