Bring on the New Year’s Resolutions.

Push the reset button on the stereo of the New Year.

Let’s start this party, and see what new dances we can learn.

Be mindful not to trip all over our own feet for we’ve got to look back while warming up, stretching into the movements that we’ve already mastered over the previous year.

Move our body, slowly, at first, thinking about the victories and defeats of 2015.

Did we do what we say, and say what we mean?

Did we love wildly?

Did we seek our highest self?

Did we remember to speak from our heart?

Forgive ourselves?

Did we offer our hands and hearts for others?

Let’s sway with the beats, creating a mental list of our New Year’s Resolutions for 2016. Think of all the possibilities, hopes, and the things that we want to make better for our future selves. How do we do that?

How can we become the person who we want to be in the New Year?

Turn up the music, and dance, feeling into the ways of becoming our authentic selves.

Listen more. Trust what our bodies are telling us. 

Talk less. 

Create more: Art, love, laughter, cookies and cakes, plant flowers, gardens, and stories.

Consume less. 

Laugh more. Be playful.

Self-deprecate less. 

Eat more. Try a healthy new food: spicy okra and black-eyed peas.

Sit less.

Risk more. Put ourselves in new positions like snowboarding.

Fear less. Enjoy the mysteries of the unknown.

Smile more. Be open, and look up from our phones while living our lives.

Netflix less. Create our own movies.

Dance more, like right now, feel the rhythm of a song’s drumbeats, and get lost in the dreams of the New Year.

Let’s go move our bodies into our New Year’s Resolutions!

Copyright 2015 © Jessie Wright


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