She’s Crazy?


Nope, she’s not crazy at all.

She’s brilliant.

She’s worthy.

She’s discerning.

She’s got a radar that detects bullshit.

She’s opinionated.

She’s absolutely true to herself.

She’s not willing to sleep with you even if you tantalize her with a string of sexy words because she already knows she’s hot.

She’s able to take care of herself.

She knows her body is a temple, and won’t waste it on a one-night stand.

She’ll make the most sensual love when she’s ready to, and it’ll be worth waiting.

She doesn’t need your validation.

She’s willing to take the time to meet a partner who will be her equal.

She’ll ask you a thousand questions.

She’ll listen with an open-mind, but she’ll have an opinion about where to dine because she prefers Thai food over Chinese—all you had to do was ask.

She wants alone time to clear her head, and secretly play Rayman.

She feels alive dancing with her friends in a club, and doesn’t need the come-on look.

She says, “f*ck it,” without blushing.

She’ll leave you wanting more (of all of her).

She is an empath.

She is a trickster, teasing you with jokes and random acts of silliness.

She will love you deeply and strongly if you hold her heart with gentle hands.

She’s wild if she wants to be.

She’s calm if she wants to be.

She is grace.

She is raw.

She is elegance.

Most of all,

She is beautifully hot,


She is single,

but She isn’t crazy.

Copyright 2015 © Jessie Wright


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