Creating Our Soul’s Mission Statement.

“Spiritual practice is about cutting through the illusion of self,” ~ Rami Shapiro

We’re stuck, wallowing in the mud of our emotional baggage.

We’re blinded by all the yogis and gurus shining a mantra that the light must come from within ourselves.

That’s true, mostly.

But what about those dark days: the ones in which we can’t even see a crack of light?

Our light is there even when the cracks are hidden, and here’s a way to find them.

Breathe into that darkness, and see that we’ve got a soul who wants to shine. Our soul desires to be seen even if she’s stuck in the muck of self-loathing, depression, and/or anxiety.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but try to find that speck of desire.

In that graceful moment, grab onto that speck of desire with all of our strength, and start writing. Define our mission statement of living our soul’s purpose.

Create the mission of who we are going to be—not the who that got us into those spaces of darkness.

A mission statement means defining actions to get us onto the next level of self-awareness.

Perhaps our soul’s mission statement could be as simple as sharing our love for our world by cultivating habits of self-inquiry.

Who is our self? Who is our soul? How does she fit into our body? Are we treating our body in such a way that our soul is being loved?

There are illusions of the self that each of us takes on: the good mother or the sweet lover or the playful partner or the stoic guy or the gracious giver, and the list can go on-and-on.

And yet, the self is an ever-evolving experience—so in those moments of being stuck—it’s an S.O.S. call that the self is asking for more. It’s a subconscious plea that our body, mind, and soul makes to get us back on the path of becoming a highest self.

It’s true: finding those cracks of light within our downtrodden soul is not always easy, especially during the darkest time of the year, but try.

Write it out. Pull that ink across the page, and let ourselves find the mission of who we are going to become.

What defines us?

Where do we want to be in three months? In a year?

Create a mission statement reflective of what’s our purpose wants to be in our world. Trust me, we all have one. Don’t ever think that we don’t!

Don’t be blinded by our own inner light!

We all have the possibilities within our darkness. Go pick up that pen, and start writing!

Copyright © Jessie Wright


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