A Morning Cup of Coffee, & This… {Poetry}

Breathing in the cool air

of night’s slumber,

we feel silence as the divine

sunshine edges through cracks

in blinds

in between

holding hands of light

and darkness

there’s the voice


resonating in between

our morning breaths

filling our soul,

our body.

Our breath washes healing sounds

like rolling waves over

our toes

we feel the energy rising

to our lips,

greeting this day,

a shimmering new day

with a hint of all the hiddens things

we want to do

as they come alive

with the sound

of this morning’s chant

warming the cool November air.

Copyright 2015 © Jes Wright

Creativity note:

It’s about each one of us waking up to ourselves, to our own breaths, & discovering the soul energy in ourselves with a bit of silence, & the chanting of om’s (or whatever words & sounds that flow from our lips).

It’s about being true to ourselves even when it seems impossible to do.

Live the impossible.

Become alive in this beautiful new day. Look for the treasures in the mundane. Look for the gifts in the exceptional moments.

Look for the beauty in being there for another, especially the simplicity of such an act. Know in your heart & soul that this act of simplicity is the sweetest moment of their wild day. Look for ways to share love as a gift for the world.

Breathe in the cool air, & let out breaths of love in the form of creativity which calls to you.

Be the love today.


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