Silence is more than Silence Tonight.

Silence is a daydream in middle of the night while you’re deep in sleep dreaming about your waking day.

Silence is the way you stare at me when I’m being feisty, and yet you laugh at my wildness.

Silence is snow covering every inch of the earth under a full moon.

Silence is the way your breath pauses before laughing with surprise.

Silence is moving a ball of light in between your palms while practicing Tai Chi.

Silence is hearing a flock of migrating redwing blackbirds land in a zelkova before taking off in flight once more.

Silence is nothing anybody can ever teach you because it’s up to you to find the silence in your world.

Silence is what I imagine in the depth of the sky when I lean back my head, looking at the cold brilliant stars while waiting for one to fall, so I can say a single wish tonight.

Silence is changing my mind, and making a handful of wishes on one star, so I’ll have better odds.

Silence is feeling you ever so softly touch my shoulder, so I turn away and smile.

Silence echoes on this cold night, and I’ll stand here, shivering, and listening to her wisdom.

Copyright 2015 © Jes Wright

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