Trusting the Darkness. {Poetry}

Blue sky deepens into a darker shade of blue

stars sparkle


coming alive,

there is truth in these moments before darkness

covers us,

& we squint our eyes,

as the sunlight fades,


our way down the path

along the river’s edge

water turned clear

after last night’s first thunderstorm of the season

lightning rolling across the Valley,

raindrops pounding upon the dry golden grasses

like a lover lavishing kisses

upon the one he hasn’t caressed since the seconds of time slowed

into forever

that becomes now,

as we make our way along the rugged

rocky path

carved by so many others’ footsteps,

searching for some sense of peace,

or love

along this river’s edge,

on this path

under a blue sky deepening into the darkness

of night

where we learn to trust each other’s footsteps

crunching along the unseen


Copyright 2015~ Jes Wright


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