The Right Amount of Loving.

I had to take a break.

Well, at least, from the world of social media because I am really an introvert. I’m shy, and sometimes, put my feet in my mouth. That’s no big deal, right?

Maybe you adore the invisibility behind the screen which allows you to be less of an introvert, and more of an expressionist.

You know what works for you, and I know what works for me.

I wanted to go deep into that soul space. I did. And I’ve almost resurfaced after finding what it is that I didn’t know that I needed to discover: a teacher, a guide, or what you call a guru (of sorts).

I found her in my kitchen while I was making lunch today. She spoke the most amazing truth about being a human, and I listened. I put down the spatula for stirring the tofu and asparagus, and turned up the volume on my radio. I heard this amazing soul explain exactly what I didn’t know that I needed to hear.

She talked about the way our bodies and minds know how to heal if given the right amount of loving.

I’m approaching a major milestone in my life, and so I’m asking myself if I allow myself to receive this loving. Do I share this kind of loving? What can I do to be more aware?

And so, I’ve resurfaced, a little, because I am still a creative soul at heart, and want to connect with others, but maybe not so much in the land of Facebook. I want to continue discussions about our expressions, but in a tangible space (this blog feels a little more authentic), not so much in a news feed based upon algorithms.

So here you go, if you find this one in your sphere of reality, then
know it’s a sign that you’re on the path to the right amount of loving that you need and want.

Enjoy my meandering as I go about this path of redirection, and realignment toward my true self outside of the world of social media.

Copyright 2015 ~ Jes Wright


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