One Playful & Dirty Habit for Writers.

Get your hands dirty.

Stick them in the sand, feel the way the grains slide through your fingers.

Get your hands wet.

Go walking in the rain without an umbrella, let the sensation of warm drops cover you until you can’t stand it anymore, and then take cover under an old building.

Get your hands sticky.

Reach into the branches of a pomegranate tree, and pick one. Smash it against a rock wall, so the ruby pearls are exposed, but don’t worry about becoming like Persephone as you eat the sweet seeds. Unless you want more time to hide away, and write that manuscript.

Get your hands warm.

Slide them around your lover’s naked chest. Hold softly, placing your head against their chest, listening to the way their body moves up and down, as if you were a boat in the waves.

Get your hands soft.

Stick them in a bag of chalk, and start climbing rock walls at a climbing center. Get to the top, and pause. Look at the distance. Rappel, and feel the sensations of falling, safely and freely.

In order to write, we need to expand beyond our comfort zones, and feel the world through our hands, our fingers, our toes, and our breaths.

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Copyright 2015 ~ Jes Wright


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