Emerging from the Sea. {Poetry}


The glitter and strands of yesterday’s delight
linger like
a veil over my eyes,
that I’ll never see
anything with a touch of clarity
what I perceive
fits in between my eyes
and my mind,
so my body pushes back
synapses of response
so that
I am
left feeling at an edge,
a space
for most,
but for me,
it’s the place
in which
I also yearn to be
lost in this sea
where ocean waves
carry me
I hit the shoreline,
and I must make a choice
either to climb out of the water
or go back,
swim toward
the warmth of Poseidon’s creatures,
and you know
my choice
as well as
you know
my hands,
in that
I’ll reach across the tidal zone,
sliding out of my skin,
the scales of my tail,
washing away
with the out-going tide.

Copyright 2015 by Jes Wright

photo credit: Ana_J/Pixabay


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